26.04.04. On Outcome of Cyprus Referendums


Separate referendums were held on April 24 in the Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus on the question of the Cypriots' attitude to the UN Secretary General's plan for settling the Cyprus problem. A significant majority of the Greek Cypriots - more than 75 percent - voted against the proposed plan, while 65 percent of the population of the Turkish Cypriot community supported it.

Russia treats with respect the referendums' results, which constitute a reflection of the free expression of the will of the population of both communities of the island, conducted in accordance with generally adopted democratic standards, and presumes that the decisive word in determining the further destiny of Cyprus belongs to the Cypriots themselves - Greeks and Turks.

Moscow is not inclined to regard the negative outcome of Saturday's plebiscite in Cyprus as a signal for the termination of the UN-led efforts to settle the decades-old Cyprus problem. It is important that the prevailing mood in both communities of the island is for continuing the work having as its aim the attainment of a lasting peace and harmony between them.

Russia is ready to continue cooperation with the Cypriot parties and other concerned countries in the interest of achieving a viable and just settlement in Cyprus on the basis of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and within the framework of the Mission of Good Offices of the UN Secretary General.

April 26, 2004