16.03.06. 85th Anniversary of the Conclusion of the Treaty of Friendship and Brotherhood between Russia and Turkey


On the occasion of the celebration on March 16 of the eighty-fifth anniversary of the conclusion of the Russian-Turkish Treaty of Friendship and Brotherhood, which, as is known, is of unlimited duration, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Abdullah Gül, have exchanged congratulatory messages.

The telegram of the Russian minister notes that the Treaty of Friendship and Brotherhood Between the Government of the RSFSR and the Government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, signed in 1921, laid the foundation for the ongoing character of the development of Russian-Turkish relations. Over the past decades, the bonds of traditional friendship and good-neighborliness between our states and peoples were reinforced and filled with new, higher content.

In recent years, the telegram notes, a powerful impetus has been imparted to the further dynamic evolution of bilateral relations and to their being taken to a qualitatively new level of multifaceted partnership. Lavrov expressed the belief that the implementation of the agreements reached during the recent Russian-Turkish meetings and talks at the highest level corresponds to the strategic interests of our countries, serves to reinforce trust and understanding between the peoples of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey and helps strengthen international stability and security.

In his turn, gul noted that the Treaty is a major document reflecting the spirit of friendship and solidarity in Russian-Turkish relations, which have a centuries-old history.

The Treaty laid the foundation for Russian-Turkish relations. It was the first agreement concluded by the government in Ankara with a great power. By this document our countries recognized the sovereignty and independence of each other and declared their sincere readiness to build mutually beneficial and long-term relations.

The Turkish minister stressed that people in Turkey, with a feeling of deep satisfaction, have been watching the ongoing development of its relations of friendship and solidarity with Russia and note the high level of interaction based on reciprocal respect. He reaffirmed the importance which Ankara attaches to the development of cooperation relations with the Russian Federation in all fields.

March 16, 2006