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Russian Federation Security Council meeting

Vladimir Putin held anáexpanded meeting ofátheáSecurity Council atátheáKremlin. Theámeeting discussed aárange ofáissues concerning protection ofáRussiaĺs security andánational interests inátheáface ofásanctions imposed byáaánumber ofácountries.

July 3, 2015, Moscow

President ofáRussia Vladimir Putin:áGood afternoon, colleagues,

Our agenda today includes aárange ofáissues concerning protection ofáour national interests inátheáface ofátheárestrictive measures that some countries have imposed onáRussia.

We know theáreasons forátheápressure being put onáRussia. We follow anáindependent domestic andáforeign policy andáour sovereignty is not up forásale. This does not go down well inásome quarters, but this is inevitable.

It is clear today that attempts toásplit andádivide our society, play onáour problems, andáseek out our vulnerable spots andáweak links have not produced theáresults hoped forábyáthose who imposed these restrictive measures onáour country andácontinue toásupport them.

Our people, our key political forces, andáour business community understand what is happening andáknow what toádo. Theátimely measures we took have stabilised theáeconomic andáfinancial situation andátheálabour market andáensured theástable functioning ofáall strategically important economic sectors. We continue implementing our most important state programmes, including inátheásocial sector.

Furthermore, our companies, Russiaĺs producers, have proven that they are capable ofádeveloping inátough conditions, finding new partners, andáentering new markets atáhome andáabroad. This can be seen inátheárapid growth ofáour agriculture sector.

Colleagues, recent events show that we cannot hope that some ofáour geopolitical opponents will change their hostile course anytime inátheáforeseeable future. TheáEU countries recently extended theásanctions they have imposed onáus, andádiscussions continue inátheáUnited States onátoughening sanctions against us.

Amidst all ofáthis, no one is even trying toáanalyse theáreasons foráwhat is now happening inásoutheast Ukraine, which was what started all ofáthis fuss inátheáfirst place. What Iámean here is that those who are imposing these restrictive measures andáso-called sanctions onáRussia are ináfact responsible forátheáevents that we are now witnessing inásoutheast Ukraine.

We must respond accordingly toáthis situation, ofácourse, andátake additional systemic measures ináall key areas.

Firstly, we must make aárapid analysis ofáall theápotential challenges andárisks we faceáľ political, economic, information risks andáothers. Based onáthis analysis, we then need toámake adjustments toáour National Security Strategy.

Once theáNational Security Strategy is updated, we will also need toáupdate strategic planning documents currently ináforce oráinátheáprocess ofádrafting. Furthermore, if needed, we will need toámake clarifications toátheáForeign Policy Concept andátheáFoundations ofáRussiaĺs Comprehensive Policy inátheáCIS Area.

Atátheásame time, our strategic course inátheáforeign policy area remains unchanged. We are open foráequal cooperation andácollective work onákey issues onátheáinternational agenda. We will continue toábuild relations with our partners based onátheáprinciples ofárespect andámutual consideration ofáeach otherĺs interests, so long asáthis does not harm our own sovereignty andánational security ofácourse.

Asábefore, we support active development ofáeconomic integration inátheáCIS area. We support expanding political, business andáhumanitarian ties with theáShanghai Cooperation Organisation andátheáBRICS group.

Economic security issues are aácrucial matter. Our strategic planning documents must define theámain threats ináeach area ináclearer andámore detailed fashion. These documents must define theácriteria andáset theáthreshold indicators forátheáeconomic situation atáwhich national security risks would start toáemerge. They must also put into concrete terms theámeasures andámechanisms that would enable us toáreduce our economyĺs dependence onánegative external factors.

Atátheápractical level, theáGovernment andátheáCentral Bank must pay particular attention toáensuring theáfinancial systemĺs stable operation. They must also put ináplace measures toáachieve more balanced budgets andáreduce theádebt burden onáregional budgets.

Overall, we must ensure very close coordination between everyone taking part ináthis work.

We must develop andápresent new proposals forátheáconceptual basis ofástrategic planning andáforecasting ofáour countryĺs sustainable socioeconomic development andáforárisk management. We need toáanalyse theásocioeconomic situation inátheáregions andáconduct on-going monitoring using theáregional situation centres. This is especially important forátheáborder regions.

AsáIásaid, theárestrictive measures we will discuss today have created problems foráour economy, but they have also opened new opportunities. Above all, our producers have been able toásignificantly bolster their positions onátheádomestic market.

We continue our support foráimport replacement projects, especially inátheáagriculture sector, defence sector, engineering, pharmaceuticals, andátheáchemicals industry. If need be, our companies will receive additional support ináthese areas.

But let me draw one very important matter toáyour attention. TheáProsecutor Generalĺs Office, Rospotrebnadzor (national consumer protection service), theáFederal Anti-Monopoly Service andáother agencies must protect our people andácompanies from fake andápoor quality goods. No matter whether goods are produced ináRussia oráabroad, they must meet modern requirements andástandards andátheir origin andáprice setting must be transparent andáclear.

Ináconclusion, our direct responsibility is toáensure reliable protection ofáRussiaĺs security ináall areas andápreserve our countryĺs social, political andáeconomic stability.

Much here will depend onáconsolidating theáefforts ofáour state institutions andácivil society andáonáconcentrating our resources onátheápriority areas. Iáam sure that you all understand this well andáwill do everything possible toáresolve theátasks before us effectively.

Thank you very much foráyour attention.