Press-releases of the Embassy

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the interview with head of an unofficial Turkish delegation given to the Anadolu Agency after visiting Crimea


We paid attention to the interview with Zafer Uskul, head of the unofficial Turkish delegation that visited Crimea on April 27-30. The interview summarising the results of the visit was given to the Anadolu Agency.

The opinions expressed by the head of the delegation cannot but cause regret and disappointment. An emphasis was placed on negative aspects alone that are untrue and based on information obtained from private conversations with persons who can hardly voice the opinion of the majority of Crimean Tatars.

We are surprised that after visiting the peninsula the delegation members still failed to see anything positive although a varied programme of contacts had been prepared for them, including with the official authorities of the Republic of Crimea and representatives of public organisations, religious communities and ordinary people living on the peninsula.

It is absolutely clear that the head of the delegation offered a lopsided presentation of the facts, which was evidently performed as a result of external pressure.

June 19, 2015