Press-releases of the Embassy

The Russian Federation priorities during its chairmanship
in the SCO 2014-2015

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has asserted itself as a competent and influential regional association, one of the key elements in shaping a new security and cooperation architecture. During its chairmanship in the Organization the Russian Federation intends to focus on the following priorities:

drafting and approval of the SCO Development Strategy until 2025;

political consolidation of the SCO, elaboration of common approaches to acute international issues, expansion of practical cooperation with the leading multilateral organizations and associations, first of all the UN and its specialized agencies, CIS, CSTO, ASEAN, CICA, increasing the efficiency of the SCO permanent bodies;

- forwarding of cooperation with the SCO Observer states, inter alia, in the context of providing assistance to Afghanistan and its involvement in the SCO activities, development of relations with the SCO Dialogue Partners; providing conditions for the SCO enlargement;

- strengthening the SCOs role as an effective multilateral dialogue and cooperation platform on regional security, terrorism, separatism, extremism and illicit drug trafficking, commencing the practical realization of the Agreement between governments of the SCO Member states on international information security;

- the implementation of the Russian Presidents initiative to establish the Center on combating threats and security challenges to the SCO Member states on the basis of the SCO Regional anti-terrorist structure (RATS), and as a first step conferring the RATS powers for combating drugs;

- the launch of large-scale multilateral economical projects primarily in the areas of transport, energy, science, technology, peaceful use of outer space; creation of the optimal mechanism of their financial support;

- promotion of cultural and humanitarian ties, student exchanges, tourism; development of the SCO net University, establishment of its administration in Russia;

- implementation of SCO activity Plan calendar for the celebration of 70th anniversary of victory over fascism in World War Two.

In order to successfully implement the above-mentioned goals, the Russias SCO Chairmanship Activity plan which includes over 100 joint projects in political, trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian areas, has been prepared and approved by the President of the Russian Federation.