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Unofficial translation

Commentary of the Department of Information and Press of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia on situation in Syria and around it


Moscow keeps following attentively the developments in Syria and contributing vigorously to the peaceful settlement of the protracted crisis in this country.

The parliamentary elections held on the 7th of May in the SAR were met with satisfaction. For the first time in more than a half century period they took place on multi-party competitive basis. According to the preliminary data more than half of the population of the country participated in the voting procedure. Official results are expected to be announced soon. We consider this event as a necessary step towards implementation of the ripe reforms. We believe that it has to be extended and strengthened by some other actions of the government and constructive opposition towards implementation one of the key points of the UN/Arab League special envoy K.Annans Plan which is to launch inclusive political process managed by the Syrians themselves. In this respect the efforts of K.Annan and his representatives aimed at helping the Syrian opposition to consolidate on the platform of peaceful settlement and broad inter-Syrian dialogue should be supported.

In this regard the statement of the commander of the so-called Syrian Free Army having been published by some news agencies, in which he has threatened to attack and assault the governmental forces, arouses perplexity to say the least. We are convinced that ceasefire, reached by considerable efforts on the 12th of April has to be stuck to and supported strictly by all sides.

As it was noted during K.Annans briefing in the UN Security Council on the 8th of May, the truce lasting mostly in whole under the effective role of the UN observation mission in Syria, lead to the decrease in the general level of violence and to certain calming of the situation.

The other items of special envoys plan are also being implemented. In particular, the authorities of the SAR have recently released few hundreds of anti-governmental demonstrators who havent been involved in felonies. We think that all articles of the Annans plan are subject to thorough implementation by the government of the SAR, and also by the opposition, which could rule out death and suffering of civilians.

May 10, 2012