Embassy Information

The conference on the events in Crimea at Atilim University of Ankara

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Turkey Andrey Karlov participated in the conference "The referendum in Crimea. Russia's view" which was held on April 9, 2014, at Atilim University.

The event was attended by executives, professors and students of the University, representatives of the academic community and journalists from leading Turkish media.

The Russian Ambassador particularly informed the audience about the events in Ukraine, which were to a large extent the result of actions of radical and fascist groups. Mr. Karlov noted that the referendum in Crimea, which was attended by 86% of the inhabitants of this region, including about 40% of the Crimean Tatar population of the peninsula, has become a legitimate expression of their will and corresponded to international standards.

The Ambassador specifically told about the programs of the Government of the Russian Federation, aimed to improve the status of the Crimean Tatar nation, maintenance and enhancement of its language, culture and traditions. Mr. Karlov also reported on the steps towards the development of Crimean economy and the prosperity of its inhabitants.

Audience was shown footage of the events in Ukraine prepared on the basis of plots of Russia Today channel and also photographs depicting life of the Tatars in one of the most successful regions of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan.

In conclusion, the Russian Ambassador answered numerous questions from students and journalists as on the subject of the conference and on key international and regional issues.

In the frame of the event the Ambassador met with the Rector of Atilim University Abdurrahim Ozgenoglu, during this meeting they discussed the issues of cooperation with Russian universities, the development of exchange programs of students and teachers, as well as joint scientific conferences and round tables.