Current dynamics of Russian-Turkish relations

Negotiations between the Russian Minister of the Interior and the Turkish Minister of the Interior were Held in Moscow

Today the negotiations between R. Nurgaliyev, the Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation and B. Atalay, the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Turkey were held at the premises of the Russian MOI.

The issues discussed during the meeting included intensification of interdepartmental cooperation in counter-extremism efforts, activity of the joint working group on coordination of fight against transnational organized crime, cooperation in staff training and retraining, as well as cooperation within the framework of Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Due to the recent events at Moscow Domodedovo Airport the need for further integration of efforts of the entire global community for combating extremism and terrorism was noted.

The Head of the Turkish MOI expressed his condolences to the victims of this crime and his readiness for further development of cooperation with the Russian MOI in this area.

The participants of the negotiations came to a joint conclusion that the interdepartmental working group is the main practical mechanism of cooperation between the two ministries in the fight against transnational crime. Its activity must involve not only summarization and forecasting of the status and the prospects for operational cooperation, but also the planned common activities in investigation of the specific criminal cases, exchange of information about members and leaders of organized criminal groups, and their sources of financing.

B. Atalay informed about the operation conducted by the Turkish police on November 26, 2010, during which eight persons suspected of manufacturing of forged excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products used in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan were detained.

R. Nurgaliyev, in his turn, expressed his readiness to provide assistance in checking of the persons named in this case for their involvement in illegal activities in the territory of the Russian Federation and establishment of their contacts outside Turkey.

Besides, the agreement on intensification of cooperation in regard to departmental educational establishments and exploration of the opportunity of mutual student exchange has been reached.

R. Nurgaliyev noted that today we have a suitable background for establishment of a closer cooperation between our departmental educational establishments.

The program of the Turkish delegations stay in Russia for February 11 included Mr.B.Alatays visit of the MOI All-Russia Advanced Training Institute with a view to get an idea of the Institutes activities.

February 10, 2011

Press Service of the Russian MOI