Current dynamics of Russian-Turkish relations

January 13, 2010,

Barvikha, Moscow Region

Beginning of Meeting of Russian President Dmitry Medvedevwith Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

The two leaders discussed various issues of bilateral cooperation, in particular in the trade and economic, energy, and humanitarian sectors.


I am very pleased to see you once again. I want to start by saying that Russian-Turkish relations are on the rise. We do indeed have a strategic partnership. Last year was a difficult one, but we met on a number of occasions nonetheless, including at the G20 summit, where we discussed economic problems.

The year was a success for our relations, at least. Our political dialogue developed well, we met regularly, discussed various issues, I had contacts with the Turkish president and with you, and there were contacts between our prime ministers.

Our trade and economic cooperation also continued to expand and, despite posting a few decreases, remains nonetheless very significant indeed. Furthermore, we have set ambitious goals for the coming period. We are developing big projects in the energy sector and other sectors too. We are very pleased with this and think we have extensive and very significant cooperation in these areas. Of course, our humanitarian ties are also growing and this is something we welcome.

Finally, I think that this visit will take us a step further in consolidating the relations between our countries. This is essential in order to resolve complex issues, including regional issues on which we hold ongoing consultations. Our countries are neighbours and the microclimate in our region depends on the closeness of our positions. Once again, I wish you welcome, Mr Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER OF TURKEY RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN (translated from Russian): Thank you very much for the hospitality I personally and the members of my delegation have received since arriving in your country.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have indeed reached a high point over recent times. Now we are seeing diversification in our relations and the growth of purposeful political, economic and defence cooperation.

What pleases me most of all is that both sides show a positive commitment that is helping to speed up development of our bilateral relations and regional relations, as befits two important partners who have many important matters before them in the region. 

You rightly noted the importance of our relations in the energy sector. We have exemplary cooperation in this area. We are confident that we can diversify this cooperation and develop it in different directions. We have a whole number of possibilities not just in the natural gas sector but also in oil and oil products. We also have important steps to take in the infrastructure and construction sectors. I see today?s meeting as yet another big opportunity for us.