SELIGER 2011 International Youth Forum:
Building a Global Team

Seliger 2011 is an international project aimed at uniting 700 outstanding students from the leading Russian and international universities. Participants will find a high-tech collaborative environment, opportunities to learn from leading politicians, academics, and business leaders, and a unique chance to meet and work with people from all over the globe, who are ambitious, intelligent and enterprising. The Forum will be held in the form of an eco-camp and will unfold on the shore of Lake Seliger (Tver region, Russian Federation) from July 1 through July 9, 2011, with English as its working language.

This year Seliger International Youth Forum will be held for the second time given its tremendous success in 2010 when hundreds of young men and women from more than 80 countries of the world came to Seliger to discuss and shape the future of the world. It was also visited by President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev who held informal discussions with the participants of the camp.

The Forum seeks to set up a global network to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and education among the young people of the world and to foster conditions for them to work together on designing joint international projects and initiatives.

To attain this goal the participants of the Forum will be offered an intensive educational program consisting of 4 modules :

  • Global Politics
  • Innovation and Enterprise
  • Mass Media and Public Relations
  • Civil and Social Development

Each module will include lectures and workshops, conferences and panel discussions moderated by the leading experts and academics in each of the above spheres. Resides, the program of the Forum will provide personal development trainings and business games tailored to the needs of the participants.

Apart from that, the Forum will create a unique environment for entertainment and recreation. The participants are in for exhibitions and theatrical performances. Russian movies, discos and concerts by young Russian artists.

To participate in the Seliger 2011 International Youth Forum one needs to fill out an application form on the event's website and to pass competitive selection based on the information contained in the applications. The candidates will need to demonstrate a perfect command of both spoken and written English and an outstanding skill of expressing their thoughts clearly and logically when writing the essays included in the application.

The Russian side is ready to host the Forum participants in Russia, arranging for their transfer from the airport in Moscow to the camp site and back, providing accommodation, board and all on-site facilities and equipment necessary for participation. For more detailed inflammation about the event please visit .