Rusya-Türkiye ilişkilerinin gündemindeki konular /
Rus-Türk iliİşkileri kronolojisi (ingilizce)



Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov Confers with Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem


On September 18 Igor Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, taking part in the work of the 55th session of the UN General Assembly, met in New York with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Ismail Cem.

During the conversation, the ministers discussed a number of topical questions pertaining to Russian-Turkish relations. Particular attention was paid to growth areas of bilateral cooperation in the light of the upcoming, October 2000 visit of the Chairman of the Russian Government to Ankara.

Ivanov and Cem exchanged views on regional and international problems of mutual interest. They, inter alia, discussed the situation in the Persian gulf area, especially in the context of the need to settle the Iraqi problem on the basis of the relevant decisions of the international community. Ivanov noted the importance of providing favorable external conditions for these purposes.

The ministers also discussed questions relating to the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue, the situation in Afghanistan, and the state of affairs in Cyprus settlement. They agreed to continue Russian-Turkish consultations on these and other topical questions of the international agenda.

Ismail Cem confirmed to Igor Ivanov an invitation to pay a visit to Turkey.

The sides agreed to specify the visit date through diplomatic channels.

September 20, 2000