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In Relation to the Captures of Hostages in Turkey


The new incident in Turkey associated with the capture of hostages (this time at an Istanbul hotel) causes the serious concern of the Russian side.

The Russian Federation has more than once drawn the attention of Turkish authorities to the possibility of such actions on the part of extremist-minded persons or groups that are present on the territory of Turkey and are rendering various kinds of support to Chechen terrorists. Regrettably, our repeated calls to Ankara to suppress the activity of such organizations were not fully heeded by the Turkish side.

We expect the authorities of Turkey to take the most drastic measures to neutralize those groups on its territory, whose activity undermines the authority of the country on the international scene and might adversely tell on the development of friendly relations between Russia and Turkey.

We hope that Ankara will do everything necessary to ensure the security of Russian foreign agencies and citizens on the territory of Turkey.