Rusya-Türkiye ilişkilerinin gündemindeki konular /
Rus-Türk iliİşkileri kronolojisi (ingilizce)

Russia's President Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Turkey Ahmet Necdet Sezer Talk on the Phone


Today President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin conferred on the phone with President of the Republic of Turkey Ahmet Necdet Sezer.

The two presidents discussed the situation in Eurasia following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US. Vladimir Putin and Ahmet Sezer reaffirmed the common approach to the problem of fighting international terrorism and unanimously pointed out the need to step up the efforts of the international community in the struggle against that phenomenon.

The presidents of Russia and Turkey exchanged opinions of certain outstanding issues of the development of bilateral relations, including relations in trade and the economic sphere.

The Kremlin, Moscow, September 28, 2001