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Unofficial translation from Russian

Alexander Yakovenko, the Official Spokesman of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Answers a Question from Russian Media Concerning the Expulsion from Turkey of Chechen Terrorist B. Z. Arslangereyev


Question: According to Turkish media reports, Turkey has expelled the representative of the so called Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Badrudin Zelimkhan Arslangereyev, from the country.

How does Moscow regard this move of Ankara?

Answer: The expulsion from Turkey of a person who tried to appropriate the status of a "representative of Ichkeria in Turkey and the Middle East" and who was not ashamed to publicly declare his contacts with the perpetrators of the barbaric act in Moscow, demonstrates the stand of Turkey as one of the participants of the international antiterrorist front. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has confirmed that on Turkish territory there were no organizations, nor are there, that are regarded as a representation of the "Chechen Republic of Ichkeria."

We expect the authorities of Turkey to continue to show the necessary firmness toward terrorists and their accomplices.

November 10, 2002