Rusya-Türkiye ilişkilerinin gündemindeki konular /
Rus-Türk iliİşkileri kronolojisi (ingilizce)

Unofficial translation from Russian


Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yevgeny Gusarov Meets with Turkish Ambassador to Moscow Kurtulus Taskent


On September 10, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Gusarov received Turkey's Ambassador to Moscow, Kurtulus Taskent. The two discussed a number of topical issues in Russian-Turkish relations, as well as of regional and international problems.

They stressed mutual readiness to take the relations of Russia and Turkey to a qualitatively new level, conforming to the realities of today. Serious attention also was paid to discussing the prospects of cooperation by the two countries in shaping a new security architecture in the Euro-Atlantic area, and of their collaboration in European and international organizations.

September 10, 2002